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SteiGen Synergy illuminates the value digital acceleration brings to industries. Our technology seamlessly delivers the data and insight enterprises need to empower the modern workforce. We help customers become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production and supply chain performance.

customers to deliver real world value through accelerated digital transformation.

The experience and use of technology has a major impact on the productivity and motivation of your employees. Productive and happy employees who can work flexibly have a big impact on your customer satisfaction.

By evaluating your current environment and drawing up a roadmap together, SteiGen Synergy can offer you the most suitable solutions in terms of hardware, software and services.

Discover our Digital Workplace solutions and services

Microsoft 365 implementation & support

SteiGen Synergy helps you boost employee engagement, skills and satisfaction by quickly and easily connecting your employees with customers, colleagues and partners through the Microsoft 365 platform.

With the capabilities of M365, SteiGen Synergy offers new ways of working and new opportunities for employees to better meet the needs of your company.

SteiGen Synergy can guide you with the migration to Microsoft 365 as well as the optimal design of your digital workplace.

Streamlined Digital Workplace

SteiGen Synergy helps you to use and organize the M365 apps Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive in a correct and manageable way.

 Modern Device Management

Thanks to SteiGen’s Modern Device Management Services, you can ensure that all devices containing company data are compliant, up-to-date and secured.

Automation, low-code apps and data insights

The Microsoft Power Platform helps you accelerate your digital transformation process by giving your team members the opportunity to automate routine tasks, build apps with little code, and discover hidden insights in your data.

Hardware & Software Licensing

SteiGen Synergy provides the right infrastructure and the necessary licenses based on your requirements to optimally set up your digital workplace.

Microsoft 365 Backup & Security

To maintain full access and control over your Microsoft 365 data, you need a good backup solution and the accompanying security. Every organization is different. That is why our consultants always recommend a backup & security solution tailored to your organization.

Discover our personal and unique approach

At SteiGen Synergy, we attach great importance to well-thought-out and solidly substantiated solutions. Whether it concerns hardware, software or consultancy, we always go through our four fixed steps with every project

  • to propose the most optimal and sustainable solution to suit your unique needs
  • to seamlessly implement this specific solution in your organization
  • and to provide the necessary aftercare and support for this solution.

Towards the ideal Digital Workplace thanks to a flawless migration to Microsoft 365 online

  • Our consultants help you map out your current Microsoft environment. In order to prepare for a smooth and correct migration, you will receive advice on the actions to be taken.
  • Through workshops, sponsors, end users and your IT department become acquainted with the extensive possibilities of all Microsoft products and how they can contribute to your organization.
  • Together we set out a roadmap for the realization of an optimal M365 environment. We investigate the most suitable Microsoft licensing formula for your organization.

Explore in Digital Workplace

Designed to promote communication and collaboration within your organization

It is important to correctly implement and set up the Microsoft 365 platform and associated apps from the start, so that you can optimally deploy the solution within your organization both today and in the future.

Governance of solutions and applications is also an essential part of a straightforward and streamlined work environment. This includes management rules for online collaboration, setting up a Teams structure that suits your organization, establishing a fixed name for Teams, documents, etc. and inviting external people in a safe way.

The optimal design of your Modern Workplace

  • Our consultants capture your needs and analyze what is going well and what is not going well in (digital) communication and collaboration within your organization, department and/or team.
  • We also set up a project group of end users, ambassadors, technical people, etc. who know the organization, department and/or team and the way of working well.

The Latest Thinking

Access up-to-date resources that make digital transformation a reality with new ideas, new opportunities, and next steps

Digital Transformation Key Enablers

Discover how industrial digital transformation improves profitability and return on capital.

Why a Digital Twin needs a platform approach?

While being a key enabler of Digital Transformation, Digital Twins are technology-agnostic. Therefore, a platform approach that exploits innovation at every layer of the technology stack is more likely to yield new ways of working to create new sources of value to the business.

Discrete Digital Twin: The basic building block

“Discrete” digital twins focus on atomic resources, such as, individual assets, products, people and single process task

Composite Digital Twin: Complex processes

“Composite” digital twins represent a higher-level process, function, or group of assets that combine several discrete digital twins.

Composite Digital Twin: Complex processes

“Composite” digital twins represent a higher-level process, function, or group of assets that combine several discrete digital twins.

Cyber Security for Industrial Networks

How to protect your critical data in the IoT age.

Cybersecurity is a multi-faceted discipline requiring a proactive approach across the business. With the IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0 transforming operations, now is the time to review your security policies and procedures:

  • Identify the risks, and potential impact, of a security attack on your operational network
  • Consider the end-to-end security of your critical infrastructure and systems
  • Utilize our easy-to-follow cybersecurity checklist to better protect your business

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