Our Approach

Today’s global mobility department continues to evolve into a cross-functional, strategic program encompassing traditional mobility, HR, talent management, risk and compliance, and the new normal of flexible work.  STEIGEN Work Force is designed to align these functions and break down barriers that exist between you, your employees, your vendors, and your data – giving you more automation, more control, and better insight while decreasing costs and saving time.

What we can do for you

The system provides a scalable, automated mechanism to manage your current and future needs – regardless of size, complexity, or processes. From budgeting for future moves, global rewards and payroll and business traveler administration, to mobility and business travel program management, STEIGEN Work Force is designed to put you in control of your program and your data allowing you to concentrate more on your most valuable asset, your people.

Technology is getting the world hyper-connected and organizations are adopting a mobile-first strategy to complete their digital transformation journey. Mobile solutions are transforming the way businesses operate and enterprises are moving towards mobile solutions to improve their efficiency and productivity and streamline business operations.

Over 60% of the world’s population are smartphone users and the number is estimated to go up to 80% by 2025. With these staggering numbers, the opportunities for businesses and customers are endless. As the number of mobile users increase, the demand for mobile solutions too increase greatly. Catering to this demand remains a huge challenge for enterprises to make sure they choose the right platform and the technology to build the solutions. An effective mobility solution strategy will change the way businesses operate, improve employee communications, enhance efficiency and provide solutions for regular challenges.

So, as the world gets empowered by mobiles, businesses are aiming to deliver better experiences to users on different devices.

Today, one of the most crucial requirements for an enterprise to expand its horizons to new users and to new markets, is to develop integrated mobility solutions, the benefits of which stretch across the company, touching the lives and the roles of all resources within the business. It also involves carefully evaluating the current challenges, carving out the business solution, listing the ensuing benefits, and deciding on the best technology solution.

Some of the benefits of implementing mobility solutions in businesses are

  • Better workplace communication Mobile solutions can improve communication between the staff and the management by enabling workers to collaborate even when they are on the field or working remotely. They can be in touch constantly and get real-time feedbacks and insights. Implementing mobile solutions Allows information to be availed anytime and from anywhere reducing the chances of miscommunications.
  • Improved data accuracy & paperless workflow With digital mobile solutions, it is possible to gather all data in a single location, saving time spent on data entry and analysis. Having access to all the documents and data online reduces the use of paper forms making the whole system paperless, while increasing the accuracy of the data collected.
  • System and Cloud Integration Using mobile solutions, legacy system and database can be integrated using various points along with cloud infrastructure management services, which adds value to the entire business model.
  • Better Portability with seamless content sharing Ease of use is easily one of the most important and challenging factors of implementing mobility solutions. Users can access content anytime, anywhere with just few clicks and share as easily.
  • Accurate data capturing Mobility solution apps have multiple data touch points which makes the data collected highly reliable.
  • Sense of employee empowerment Different surveys, user polls and the transparent systems available in mobility solutions, allow users to communicate with each other and exchange ideas freely. This allows healthy growth within the organization as users and employees discuss important topics.
  • Business processes optimization A mobile business solution allows team members to upload documents, forms and orders easily with a click, from anywhere, increasing the efficiency and productivity. Of an organization. This also reduces errors in entry and miscommunications which could cost time and money.
    Moreover, offering the flexibility that mobility provides, increases the operational speed of employees as they can access their work from any device wherever they are, motivating them to work better.
  • Cost and time savings Having easy access and control to all data and synchronizing the storage and retrieval of this data, implementing mobile business solutions saves time and money. Employers can also calculate actual work hours and overtime pay with mobile apps recording workers’ shift timings and breaks. By capturing the time and location accurately, organizations can estimate the materials used, time spent, and cost incurred on a project.

Mobility Solutions are the future of businesses and implementing them will benefit everyone in the organization, right from the management to the employees. So, whether it’s a start-up or an industry leader, a modern mobile app with a great user interface and functioning with technical excellence is the way to go for all businesses to be future ready.