SAP Implementation service

SAP allows easy and global integration of business processes by creating an efficient work environment for the users thereby reducing the possibility of errors and redundant information. SAP has immense capabilities to deliver data-driven solutions for various operations, but SAP implementation demands a high-end accuracy and acuteness to yield maximum benefits.

Steigen provides tailored SAP consultancy, Support, and Implementation services for some of the world’s leading organizations. We have skilled and well-learned SAP professionals help our customers in SAP implementation, customization, and continuous monitoring while lowering the operational cost. With quick SAP ERP implementation, we fortify success and productivity in your organization and help you expand your reach in the relative market.

SAP Integration service

Constantly changing business environments and complex technologies pose challenges to growing organizations. To help face these challenges, we integrate multiple IT systems across different functions, departments and stages in product life cycles and transform your enterprise into a streamlined and efficient organization.

Linking Technologies, Building Businesses

With three decades of experience in system integration, STEIGEN connects varied technologies to provide unified architecture capable of supporting large scale enterprise applications.

In today’s competitive market, enterprises must have an uncomplicated and efficient IT environment to maintain high productivity and save time and money on the delivery front. The biggest challenge for large-scale organizations is not only to connect various businesses but also to streamline operations and build a single IT platform for different locations, functions and departments.

Therefore, STEIGEN Computers offers turnkey system integration (SI) services to build and link multiple technology systems with the aim to help you drive your business faster, make it more flexible and efficient. We ensure that our clients get complete peace of mind on the technology front, as our expert SI team works round-the-clock to deliver the best and most cost-effective IT architecture for your business..

Key service offerings include:– Application and Enterprise systems integration: Solutions to Integrate systems and applications across the organization.
– Business Process Management: Solutions to continuously improve business effectiveness and efficiency.
– Packaged Application services: Configuration and customization of off-the-shelf application packages to enhance value.
– SAP: Our SAP-based solutions help achieve competitive advantages.
– Service Oriented Architecture: Design, develop, test and deploy services to integrate applications and business processes.

Our certified processes that span a decade of experience reflect our predictability and success in executing projects. Strategic alliances and our partner ecosystem help us to deliver cost-effective solutions that are consistent, scalable, innovative and result oriented.

What We Do

Our Integration Services includes a bouquet of offerings spanning various industries, sectors and locations:– Design and integration of security infrastructure including access control, fire safety and surveillance systems
– Workforce infrastructure
– Integration of Energy solutions
– Network integration
– Enablement of broadcasting and communication technologies
– Data centre
– Cloud Computing
– Virtualisation
– Service delivery infrastructure
– Traffic infrastructure
– Consultancy Services

Our Objectives:– Bring decades of experience and the collective knowledge of our experienced engineers and project managers to build robust and complex IT platforms for clients spanning industries like transportation, banking and real estate.
– Provide efficient and organised delivery mechanisms for large scale IT systems using our collective wisdom of the past through learnings from STEIGEN implementations of the country’s biggest nationwide and overseas technology applications projects.
– Our technology team’s prime motto is to reduce the timeframe of business cycles by using the most advanced technologies and a proper study of existing software applications to curtail redundancy.
– Mitigate input costs in every possible way. STEIGEN as a system integrator does a thorough study of existing IT infrastructure to identify redundant areas of IT architecture. This process helps us make a project more cost-effective for the client and less tedious for ourselves.

SAP Migration services

One of the most demanding tasks an IT team can encounter is migrating an SAP database and application environment, along with the associated system software and unbundled products. For many companies, SAP solutions are a key factor in the ability to compete. To changes in the marketplace and within the organization, companies need to respond, as they are evolving.

Steigen’s team of consultants get the job done in a step-by-step, highly cost-effective process. We start with a hardware analysis to minimize risks and uncover potential problems. A process roadmap is created, considering existing system limitations and all possible problems. After the migration, to verify that the OS or database is working as required or if further adjustments are necessary, we conduct a verification session.