Use Cases

Nirbhaya Framework –Monitoring Centre (Vehicle Tracking System)

Objective: Safety of women and girl children is a prime concern during their travel in public passenger transport vehicles like cabs, taxis, public buses etc.
  • GIS based Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Secure Communication and Device Management
  • Installation, Registration, Activation and Service Process for Device
  • Web Interface to VLT vendors for tagging
  • Monitoring Centre manage the alerts(Emergency, violation, Geo-fencing, device tampering) and take SOP based actions
  • Map Services: Real-time Plotting, Points of Interest (POl), Geo-fencing, Map Eased Tool, Track & Trip View, Multi filter options.
  • Integration with Transport, Law enforcement, Police, MoRTH,
    Permit, Road accidents (RAD)
  • Vehicle violation report, Live tracking and alerts
  • Device health monitoring
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Mobile app service
  • URL:

Port Command Control

Port Command Control Platform

Connected Fleet

Insurance Core System Optimization & Monitoring

Problem Statement:

  • There are 30+ Windows jobs and 110 DB jobs
  • Each jobs are scheduled for different times during the day/ week/ month
  • Support teams are required to login to respective system/ DB to check job status – errors/ issues if any need to be analyzed by raising a ticket
  • Separate processes for analyzing the fails being followed for DB, windows and
    shadow jobs which consumes a lot of time
  • Support teams are required to run java/ DB batch after executing scripts for policy related transactions
  • Users are required to wait in the queue to run/ rerun batches
  • Execution of certain batches requires disabling/ enabling of Windows/ DB jobs
  • 30+ Critical reports to be optimized above 50%

Benefits: Support and Business Team can:

  • login and view the batch jobs execution status, logs and next execution schedule.
  • View batch job execution history as artifact.
  • Enable/Disable Schedular, Rerun the job as when required.


  • Developed role-based web application to view batch status online with log details without getting into the production system also addressing security vulnerabilities
  • There is no limitation on the number of jobs that can be viewed in the log dashboard
  • Status of current and previous batches and logs can now be viewed using the log dashboard
  • DB/Windows job rerun
  • 30+ Critical reports optimized from 60% to 92%
  • 40+ Permanent fixes increased their month-end production activities

Breweries Industry D365 Integration (API, LogicApps, ADL)

Client Organization planned to sunset the SAP and migrate the all core modules to D365. Below are the modules we implemented.
  • Master Data Management Integration with 20+ Consumer applications via API Gateway, FTP, ADL
  • Sales Order Process Integration (19 order channels )
  • Payroll and Finance Process Integration
  • Risk and Insurance Process
  • Sales Monitoring Integration
  • Digital Invoice
  • Pricing Reports
  • Order Simulation
  • Integration with success factor

DevOps setup for Manufacturing

Transformed 14 web and API application to DevOps

Integrated with API Gateway, Monitoring

Web and API Test automation

EdTech Data platform

Agile POD augmentation for Data platform development and platform engineering.

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